Compositional and structural properties of Cr-doped ZnS

The article entitled “Compositional and structural properties of pulsed laser deposited ZnS:Cr films” has been published inĀ Applied Physics A: Materials and Processing. The article is available from the publication menu.

As you might know, ZnS:Cr is a proposed intermediate band material, and we have deposited it by pulsed laser deposition. In this recent article we present a detailed study of the properties of ZnS:Cr films. The purpose is to understand how the structure of ZnS changes when we incorporate high amount of Cr in the ZnS lattice. In addition, we have studied the chemistry and composition of the deposited films by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The paper presents an elaborate XRD and TEM study, and this study can lead to a better understanding of the Cr energy levels in the ZnS bandgap.


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