Conference on II-VI compounds

I am going to participate in the 17th international conference on II-VI compounds and related materials, and will present a work entitled “Highly Cr-doped ZnS for intermediate band solar cells”. The conference will be held in Paris between 13 to 18th of September 2015. I would be glad to meet people working on growth and characterization of un-doped and doped ZnS and other II-VI compounds.

The Scope of the conference (from conference website)

The II-VI compounds provide a variety of unique optical, electrical and magnetic properties. The Conference will then cover all the aspects of basic and applied research, laying special emphasis on unique physical and material properties of II-VI compounds, related materials and nanostructures. A particular attention will be given to new trends and pioneering directions, as well as to new materials and devices.

The conference will give also the opportunity to review the most important achievements in practical applications of II-VI compounds in mid-infrared, visible and UV range detectors, optoelectronic devices…

It is an international forum aimed to review and stimulate the progress in basic and applied research on II-VI semiconductors and related materials, to facilitate the exchange of new ideas and to establish new scientific contacts.

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