Teaching and activities


Energy and Environmental Physics – NTNU (Fall 2015)

Course content:

  • The energy budget of the earth, radiation and the greenhouse effect, ozone and life, climate and weather, and climate change.
  • Methods and the physical basis for exploitation of conventional and renewable energy sources
    • Fossil fuels and nuclear energy.
    • Power from wind, bio-mass and bio-fuel, solar water heating and other solar thermal applications, photovoltaics, ocean waves, hydro-power, tidal and geothermal energy.
  • Energy storage for grid electricity, batteries, fuel cells, and hydrogen technology, and fusion research.

Lab teacher

Modern Physics Laboratory – SUT (Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Spring 2009)


Rewrote lab brochure, gave short lectures and answered questions during lab sessions, prepared and graded the exams.

 Guest lecturer

  • Solar energy / 6 lectures (21, 22, and 28 September 2016), for the course entitles “Energy and Environmental Physics” (TFY4300 – NTNU)

Content: Solar spectrum and insolation, physics of solar cells, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar thermal heating and cooling, solar water heating,  concentrating solar power (CSP), grid parity and payback time.

  • Solar energy and solar cells / 2 lectures (23/10/2015), for the course entitled “Energifremtider og miljøvisjoner/Energy and environmental visions” (EP0100 – NTNU)
  • High efficiency solar cells / 2 lectures (28/01/2015)

Supervising Experience

I have been assisting in the supervision of M.Sc. and project students.

  • Benjamin Hope (2015)
  • Heidi Hauge (2015)
  • Carl Philip Heimdal (2014)
  • Peter Kusterle (2014)

 Administrative duties

I have been examiner/opponent on M.Sc. thesis.