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Our recent article entitled “Molecular beam and pulsed laser deposition of ZnS:Cr for intermediate band solar cells” is now published in Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells (Read the paper here). Here are the highlights of the paper:


  • Cr-doped ZnS (ZnS:Cr) thin films with up to 7.5 at.% Cr, deposited by PLD and MBE are compared.
  • The highly doped Cr:ZnS films were made for use in intermediate band solar cells.
  • Similar optical properties, but different structural properties were achieved.
  • The sub-bandgap absorption increased linearly with Cr concentration.
  • Smoother and more textured films were obtained by PLD, compared to MBE.

Keywords: Pulsed laser deposition; Molecular beam epitaxy; Optical properties; Intermediate band solar cell; Doping and alloying; Transition-metal-doped semiconductor



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