Current research

October 2014 – current (NTNU)

My research is currently focused on intermediate band solar cells (IBSCs). In particular, I work on fabrication and characterization of deep level intermediate band materials, namely doped ZnS and Si and Cu2O. I also study reduced MoO3 containing oxygen vacancy defects resulting in formation of filled state within the band-gap. My contributions are pulsed laser deposition of thin films, pulsed laser melting of implanted semiconductors, fabrication of solar cell prototypes, and characterization of thin films and solar cell devices using various relevant techniques.

My duties also include assisting in the training and supervision of PhD and final year project or master students.

In addition to the research activities, I have been the course coordinator and the lecturer for the master level course “Energy and Environmental Physics” at NTNU.

– Visiting Scholar (IES-UPM)

March 2016 – July 2016 (5 months)

Instituto de Energía Solar – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid